Green lecture

Green bamboo

Thi My Hanh DIEP on 5/3/14 at 11:31 AM Print Friendly and PDF

Green since when?

For a very long time exists the dike covered with green bamboo (Nguyen Duy)

The bamboo is the image of Viet Nam, it is present in the soul, the poetry and the culture of Vietnamese, it is the symbol of the honesty (the bamboo is straight) and of the generosity (the bamboo gives numerous cumps even on poor ground).

At the moment, the bamboo occupies a place of honor, status confirmed by Klaus Toepfer, Executive director of the Program of United Nations for the Environment which declared may 15th 2004.

"The Bamboo is one of the most fascinating and the oldest human beings of the planet; he possesses a big economic and ecological value "!

Bamboo flower
Bamboo flower