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Undertaken Researches

Xuan Tuong LE on 8/30/14 at 4:20 PM Print Friendly and PDF

Summary of Project Objectives

  1. To contribute to knowledge expansion on natural resources, particularly bamboos, their actual and potential uses.
  2. To determine bamboos adaptation conditions, as well as cuttings, transplanting and fertilisation techniques.
  3. To study soil fertility conservation techniques and agricultural production improvement.

To meet these objectives, the research program of Phu An Botanic Garden includes three main topics :

Topic 1: Collection and conservation of Vietnam bamboos and threaten species of the South East Region

We work about making a bamboos inventory, establishing a data base, constituting a collection of living bamboos and reference herbariums. We receive students and researchers for a better knowledge of bamboo.

The herbarium of Vietnam bamboos can be consulted in M.N.H.N of Paris and in the Botanic Garden of Kew.

Topic 2: Phyto-remediation for environment protection

The Study consisted in finding plants able to resist to lead pollution of soils, to provide an important biomass and to be integrated in the landscape.

Lantana camara, L; Verbenaceae, is a variety which has requested characteristics to be used in phyto-remediation.

Bamboo properties such as its fast growth, its biomass production and its environmental interest are good for phyto-remediation. Tests on several bamboo species showed that one « Bambusa sp. » supports lead toxicity in the soil.

Our nursery produces at request plantlets of Lantana and Bambusa intended for phyto-remédiation. Please ask us for more details.

Topic 3: Grey soil functioning and fertility for sustainable development in the South-Eastern region of Viet Nam

We study :

  • grey soil functioning in Southeast Viet Nam, to protect fragile ecosystems and promote a reasonable development of this area
  • soil fertility conservation techniques and agricultural production improvement.

We promote sustainable agricultural practices and we sensitize farmers.